Made to give in a side what of

Net friend:We again be not on the spot draw prizes, this thing cat gets fed up with very big of, as for its this candor and equity I feel to specially without resort to a table, buy a lottery ticket still have already notarized attestation in the bureau, it is this have nothing at all, made to give in a side what of, we don,t know as well.
To this, the activity sponsors square representative director is Guo Hong Bing is response:For the participation object of "second kills" activity, they have strict restriction, the whole"second kills" process would like to also accept the survey of related section.
Guo Hong Bing:The staff member and next of kin of website staff member, real estate development square can not take part in this"second kills", all of our files are to record in the official records, can provide a section to look into concerning the government.

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