Have to the not particular person try one is luck

Chen Jie Ren:This is physically an advertisement, Be just marketing means.Someone may think whether this belongs to draw prizes marketing means, I don,t yes think.The draw prizes type marketing has to have a few characteristicses:First, have to the not particular person try one is luck, the civil law calls to shoot behavior luckily, after winning a prize according to scheduling to the condition acquire an award, sometimes even is gratis.The second, drawing prizes the activity has to be at the same time carry on drawing lots, but this second kills physically to sometimes limit, more is on-line super low price shopping behavior.
(Responsibility editor:Zhao Ting)
Win new net Luo rather on the 16th in December and give or get an electric shock(reporter together always Zhao Hui) up to the night of the 15th, Luo in Henan rather county 9 people drive because of inebriating, wine is driving be notified, punishment, 2 among the office-holders inebriate to drive, another 2 people refuse not to reveal an identity, is temporary imprisonned by the police to wait for a survey.

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